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Surprise Me Palestinian Style Keffiyeh Scarf

Surprise Me Palestinian Style Keffiyeh Scarf

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Make it a pleasant surprise when you receive one random color pattern Keffiyeh from our fabulous collection shown. Each Keffiyeh has same fabric and design but different vibrant color scheme. It helps us with keeping up with demand and to make sure every one supporting the cause has an opportunity to contribute.

NOTE : We will pick a color and ship one single Kufiya for you.

For your continued support and understanding we offer 10% discount.

Discount Code: SurpriseMe

Extremely soft, breathable, durable, high quality material that provides comfort in any weather condition. It protects from heat in the summer and keeps you warm during the cold winter days. Size: Shemagh scarf measures approximately 48 * 48 inches. Prefect size for all the classic neck & head scarf wraps. 

Not only they protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand when hunting, hiking, climbing and fishing but also can be used as a blanket, arm sling, sweat rag, camouflage.

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